Sunday, April 1, 2012


Unrequited: adjective. 1. not returned or reciprocated; 2. not avenged or retaliated.

Love? Promises? Some form of misdeed?

Which side have you found yourself on - the unrequited or the non-requiter? Do you love someone that doesn't love you back? Are there promises that you have made that you failed to follow through with? What foul occurrence or wrong have you witnessed that you did nothing to repair?

Love is easy. Or rather, shared love is easy. When love is shared then two people will do anything for each other. Two people in love can overcome all obstacles. You give to each other, you share with each other and you protect and defend each other. You make life easier for each other. You comfort each other.

Unrequited love is not so easy. You do little things for the other person and if they recognize it, you might get thanked. They mean the thanks, but it isn't the same as if they love you in return. As a matter of fact, if they do recognize it, they are probably more than a little uncomfortable about it. They will minimize it to prevent acknowledging or encouraging behavior they will not or cannot return. Your defense is that you also openly minimize it to hide the pain you feel. Privately, you hurt very deeply.

Promises are easily given and too often defaulted on. "I promise that I'll bring you lunch" or "I promise I'll grab a newspaper for you." Simple, little promises that in all probability won't destroy the world of the person you make them to. And, oddly, probably more likely to be followed through with. Why is it that the big promises, the truly important ones are the ones that get broken. Think to yourself and ask, "Which promises have I made?" Then, for follow-up, ask yourself, "Which promises have I broken?" Do you find yourself in debt by your own words?

I am sorry to say this, but I do. I can think of too many instances that I've let someone down. I guess one good thing about it is that I find that these times haunt me. Maybe it will make me be a better person.


Seen any lately? Are you looking for them? Are you NOT looking for them? Do you avoid seeing them so that you don't have to act? Are you simply avoiding them or are you in denial? Is it easier in your mind to not notice or to un-see these things? Are you not seeing the bullies of the world because they are targeting someone else and you're just glad it isn't you?

Committed any lately? Have you, as the song says, "Done somebody wrong?"

Don't get wound up. I'm not saying you set out to hurt someone intentionally. But have you committed a sin of silence? Have you not said something that could have helped another? Have you done everything you can to lighten the load of another? Have you witnessed someone else struggling and turned away?

How we act, how we treat others without an audience, shows more about the type of person we are regardless of our beliefs. Or rather, about our supposed beliefs. Regardless of which, if any, church you belong to or whatever higher power in which you believe, maybe you should take a look at your life, at your self, at how you really treat people in spite of whether it will benefit you or not.

Please, take a minute and create an opportunity for yourself to grow.

I try to do just this every day.

I said I try, I did not say I succeed.

But I try.